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Add some fun to your next celebration and order Piñata cake online! This comes with a smash hammer, and a beautiful hand-crafted chocolate Piñata. Just swing a hammer to break open the delicious Piñata cake filled with delectable treats! Now who wouldn’t enjoy that? 

Kukkr's unique collection of Piñata cakes online are crafted by experienced and talented home bakers using premium ingredients, in line with best safety practices and packaging guidelines. Trust Kukkr home bakers to deliver the finest quality of customised cakes to make your occasion memorable and special.

Kukkr home delivers all its cakes directly from the home baker's kitchen to your venue in sanitised, four-wheeler vehicle to ensure the cake is safe during transit. 

Can't find what you are looking for? Connect with our experts on Whatsapp to order customised Piñata cakes

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