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Wedding Cakes and Anniversary Cakes Online for The Marriage Season!

When love is in the air and marriage is on the cards, can wedding cakes and celebrations be far behind! Cakes are an indispensable part of every celebration these days and there is a specialty cake for every occasion. As the wedding day marks the beginning of a loving couple’s exciting life together, wedding cakes deserve to be extra special!

Gone are the days we walked into a bakery and chose one of the pre-baked cakes on display. You could personalize nothing other than having your names piped on the cake! Thankfully, we now have ventures like Kukkr that help you customize your special wedding cakes or anniversary cakes to the minutest detail, order it online, and have the special occasion cake delivered to the venue without a hassle!

white cream marriage anniversary cake with fresh roses and LOVE topper

Customized wedding cakes and anniversary cakes with flowers

Flowers on wedding cakes have been a popular pair for long. Whether you want a traditionally grand-tiered cream wedding cake or prefer an elegant yet minimalistic anniversary cake, you can always add flowers to accentuate the beauty of the cake. With its network of expert home bakers, Kukkr makes your cake selection process a memorable experience by itself. The emerging trend of smaller-sized wedding cakes with special accents and edible flowers gives room to more creative designs. Many bakers use fresh flowers and foliage on the special occasion cakes for embellishment.

How could anything be more romantic than these red, red roses on your wedding cake

Select and Order Online the best Anniversary Cake for your special day. 

customized wedding cake decorated with fresh red roses

A delicious selection of special occasion cakes

Young love is exuberant and fresh, so celebrate it with a splendid wedding cake. But, that’s only the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness! With every passing year of companionship, rekindle sweet memories with customized anniversary cakes from Kukkr. Order cake online Hyderabad or order cake online Mumbai for your beloved one with a mere click of the mouse and celebrate milestone anniversaries with delectable cakes in myriad colours and flavors.

If you are in favour of a floral spectacle for your spring wedding or anniversary, you have a bunch of choices to pick from, literally – flowers made of fondant, sugar paste, chocolate, or even fresh edible blooms! Fresh seasonal fruits of vibrant colors are also used as decorations. If you plan to order cake for the new bride, personalize the cake to her preferences and spruce it up with a sprinkle of edible glitters or milky white pearl beads.

25 year wedding anniversary cake with fondant finish and sugar flowers

Decorating wedding cakes and anniversary cakes

Decorating a plain sponge cake or a nude cake with the perfect choice of fondant, buttercream, or fresh cream frosting and transforming it into a veritable feast for your eyes and tastebuds is truly a creative feat. Our meticulously curated home bakers at Kukkr can whip up the best texture of icing and beading to lend that dreamy, fairy-tale look to your special wedding cake! 

6 month anniversary cake with red hearts in black fondant 

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