Top 5 Kids’ Birthday Cakes on Kukkr Loved by Kids

Customized birthday cakes have arrived, and they are here to stay! There's no reason to settle for a mass-produced cake when you can order a cake of your choice baked hygienically and creatively by the home bakers from Kukkr's team, and have the cake delivered to your doorstep.

Kukkr's cakes are made following strict hygiene protocols, packaged tastefully, and custom-baked according to your creative design. So whether you order a 1st birthday cake for baby girl or an animal cake for your toddler, Kukkr has you covered.

Order birthday cakes online for kids from Kukkr

Here is a ready list of the top 5 kids' birthday cakes on Kukkr loved by kids that have grabbed the most eyeballs –

Rank 1 – Animal cake

Baby animals are the best decorations on kids’ birthday cakes for so many reasons, The fondant baby animals on the animal cake are adorable, colourful, and irresistibly sweet. In fact, they are so cherubic-looking that it breaks your heart to eat them! Kukkr’s bakers can transform any kids’ birthday cake into a cheery animal cake by adding your favourite animals to it. Check out Kukkr’s Animal theme cakes.  

jungle animal theme cake, birthday cake for kids with cute fondant animals

Rank 2 – Peppa Pig Cake

Characters from TV shows and comics from your childhood are unforgettable and often leave an everlasting impression. Think of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Simba lion, Baloo bear, Bambi deer, and all the characters immortalized by Disney. Aren't these endearing animals are evergreen in our memory! So, what better than designing kids' birthday cakes with trending characters - like the famous Peppa pig cake! Kukkr presents a range of Peppa pig cakes with family.

Peppa Pig birthday cake with Peppa Pig’s family in chocolate slush in a KitKat fenced marsh

Rank 3 – Unicorn Cake

These magical, mythical creatures have captured the imagination of little boys and girls for eons! Unicorns amaze us consistently with their mystic aura and beauty, and so does the Unicorn birthday cake from Kukkr! Nothing short of a page from a fairy tale, the Unicorn cake captivates kids (and their parents) with the colourful splendor of a rainbow backdrop, a cute fondant unicorn, and cheery clouds atop the cake. The unicorn cake stands on a tree-trunk base and is surrounded by unicorn cakesicles – can you imagine any cake sweeter than this when you order cakes online?

Unicorn birthday cake in cream with rainbow and unicorn on top and unicorn cakesicles on the base

Rank 4 – Princess Cake

Your dear little girl is your dear princess for life, and there is nothing more perfect than a Princess cake from Kukkr to celebrate your baby angel's special day! No wonder this is one of Kukkr's most-viewed cakes. Consider yourself lucky if you are browsing to order a Princess cake online for your daughter from Kukkr because you'd be spoilt for choice! Check out the galaxy of princesses featured on the splendid Princess cakes - Anna, Belle, Elsa, Snow White, Rapunzel, Snowflake, and Tiara! 

Rank 5 – 1st Birthday Cake for baby girl

You cannot describe the thrill that coursed through your veins when you had the first glimpse of your bonny baby girl, and you want to cherish that moment for posterity. Of course, you will have photographs and scrapbooks, but you can also record every sweet detail on the 1st birthday cake for baby girl by Kukkr! The pink buttercream cake has your baby's birth weight, height, date, and time of birth displayed on the cake in miniature fondant devices. Sweet memories, indeed! 

These are the most popular kids' birthday cakes (with the most views) on Kukkr, but there are many more wonderful birthday cakes for kids you can check out here


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