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Top 10 Birthday Cakes for Boys

There are thousands of cake designs out there, and parents get drawn to so many options, yet it's so hard to choose when to comes to your little boy's birthday!

So we have put together a recommendation list, based on the popularity of the requests that Kukkr receives from parents. We have shortlisted the top 10 birthday cakes for boys. So in case you are looking for something for your son's upcoming birthday or something to gift your son's cousins or friends, here are the top themes Kukkr recommends. 

Mickey Mouse Customized Cake

At the first spot on our list, is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse Cakes are ideally suited for a little child's 1st Birthday to 5th Birthdays. Mickey Mouse for a Boys' birthdays and Minnie Mouse for Girls' birthdays are one of the most popular Customized Cakes picked as children's birthday cakes

Minions Customized Cake

With the release of the Movie, Despicable Me, The Minions win the hearts of millions of young people all over world. These characters are super adorable and entertaining. Adding them to your little one's birthday celebration will be a sure-shot hit. Minions Cake is ideal for kids birthdays aged 4-10 years.

Hot Wheels Customized Cake

Another theme that receives maximum requests is Hot Wheels. Boys and fast cars are always a no brainer! Cars and Racing fans will surely have a lot of toy cars at home that they play with continuously. How cool would it be to give them edible cars on a hot wheels theme cake! We suggest Hot Wheels Customized Cake 4th to 7th birthdays. 

Jungle or Safari Animals Customized Cake

Kids love animals! Why not customise their birthday cake in a jungle theme with animals and jungle decor, hand crafted in fondant. Our Jungle Cake is a perfect choice for this, and suits baby boys, as well as toddlers aged 2-4 years. 

Boss Baby Customized Cake

Party like a boss! with a Boss baby Cake for your little one's first birthday. Since it's film release in April 2017 its popularity has continuously risen because Boss Baby is witty, funny and smart...all the qualities moms and dads like to see their boys. It is no surprise more mommies opt for this theme for their babies special day.

Disney's Cars Customized Cake

Lightning McQueen Car Cake is best for those boys who like to be faster than fast! This animated Car character has captivated the imagination of boys all over the world and this make a great choice for birthday cake for boys third, fourth and fifth birthdays. 

Captain America Customized Cake

Captain America: the 1st Avenger is an all out kids top pick. When all avengers and super hero fans assemble to celebrate your boys birthday, they will have a smashing time with our Captain America cake. The best part about this cake is the balancing anti-gravity hammer! Captain America Customized Cakes are most requested for first, fifth and tenth birthdays. 

Batman Customized Cake

Carry the Dark Knight to your kid's special day! Batman Customized Cakes, we suggest them most for 1st Birthday, fifth and tenth birthdays.

Baby Shark Customized Cake

Baby Shark's YouTube video was posted online in 2016, but it went viral soon after! Its all the rage with little kids, both boys and girls, and this is an adorable theme for first birthday cakes. Since then a ton of customized birthday cakes were made based on this theme. We suggest Baby Shark Cake for first, second and third birthdays. 

Paw Patrol Cake 

A popular cartoon amongst boys is Paw Patrol. If your son likes little bit of adventure and challenge, then a Paw Patrol cake is the best choice! No Jobs too big, no pups to small...this pup is ready to roll!

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