The latest trend for every special occasion: Customized Theme Cakes

The idea of celebration cakes, in terms of what people desire and what options are available out there, has really evolved and advanced. When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, the good old chocolate truffle cake fails to impress nowadays. More and more people are opting for customized cakes, and the level of creativity is growing also in terms of the theme cake options and customized cake options available. Home bakers in India particularly have developed expertise in fondant figurine cakes, edible print cakes, multi-tiered cakes with lace and ruffle patterns, and so much more, and the simple classics have been replaced. The creativity is booming…a Peppa Pig cake for a child’s birthday or a minion cake for the grownup fans…the sky is the limit! There is so much excitement about these that very often we see parents plan weeks in advance for their little girl’s unicorn cake and party. Why are these customized theme cakes trending?

Here we’re going to share the top 3 reasons why the customized theme cakes trend is gaining popularity, and give you some ideas on what you can consider while you’re planning to order a customized theme cake for your loved one.


Reason no 1. Makes someone feel really special.

Ordering a customized cake requires more thought and planning than picking up something off a bakery shelf. The forethought about what the birthday girl might like, either a theme or a color or a specific design is what makes this so special. For example, we had a customer whose sister was the biggest minions fan ever! And when her birthday was approaching, we requested Kukkr to design a Minion cake. He was so happy to see the minion cake once it was ready and couldn’t wait to see the excitement on his sisters face when she saw it. While his sister probably expected a cake on her birthday, the fact that it was a minion cake made her feel really special because she knew that her brother would have put a lot of thought into selecting it. The fact that the cake was designed as per her liking, not only in terms of the design but also her favourite pastry flavour, black forest, made her feel extra special.

Tip for ordering: Try figure out the latest obsession or craze, or a hobby they like very discreetly; if you’re struggling, you could ask their best friend!


Reason no 2. Makes the occasion more memorable.

This is particularly prominent when it comes to children’s birthdays. For babies, we often make the choice, while as kids grow up they are bubbling with excitement about their new favorite theme that they would like to have for their birthday bash. For little girls, the Unicorn cake is always a favorite and the peppa pig cake is a favorite for both girls and boys. These have been a best seller at Kukkr too! Selecting a customized theme cake with their favorite characters and story makes the celebration more memorable for kids. Years later, when kids look back, they can recollect that they had a peppa pig cake for their 3rd birthday party! All the cute little fondant characters are so appealing to the little ones and when its time to cut the cake they’re usually looking eagerly at which one their would like to grab first.

Peppa Pig cake

Tip for ordering: Give kids what they want! They love giving their inputs on the theme. For example, if your tiny tot is really into unicorns then you can select from one of our many unicorn cakes or contact us so we can customize it as per your liking.


  1. Makes the photographs look post-worthy on social media.

 Now days it’s all about the photos! Thanks to social media, it’s easier to share our celebrations with our friends and family. And the most photographed part of a birthday celebration is always the cake. Theme cakes add that extra aesthetic appeal to pictures and give the sense that this occasion is really special, as the cake and décor elements have been thought out and planned for.  

Tip for ordering: To get the best pictures of your customized cakes, make sure you have color coordinated tableware / a cake stand. It always highlights the beauty of the cake. Don’t forget to tag us/mention in your pictures on social media!

 Unicorn rainbow cake

While trends come and go, this one looks like its definitely here to stay! Have you ever tried ordering a customized theme cake? Make sure you get one from Kukkr for your next special occasion. If you’re looking for customized cakes in Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore, Kukkr is your one stop shop. Kukkr has so many themes available that you can order cakes online with a few clicks  and it will be home delivered. We specialize in customizing cakes are per your specification, so if you’re looking for something you can’t find, you can always get in touch and share your ideas. We would be more than happy to customize it for you.

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