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  • Order Pinata Cake Online for Hidden Surprises Inside

    Who wouldn’t like to swing a hammer to break a delicious Piñata birthday cake filled with more delectable treats! The creative home bakers of Kukkr have tried to replicate the fun activity of breaking a piñata with their collection of Piñata birthday cakes and anniversary cakes. When you order the Piñata cake online, it comes with a smash hammer that is used to break open the Piñata. You can customize the cake with the name, age, and a special message (or a wacky one!). The cake also has a golden ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’ topper. The cake is covered in buttercream or fondant depending on the pattern of the cake. You can buy Piñata cake online for your friends from Kukkr’s large collection of Pinata cakes or you could design one and share it with Kukkr’s talented home bakers who can bake your dream Piñata as a creamy cake.
  • Five Creative Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

    Don't let the pandemic dampen your mood or your creativity when it comes to selecting a Birthday cake. Want some birthday cake decoration ideas which you can work out on short notice and create a fabulous cake? There are plenty of things that you can try out to spruce up a simple Birthday Cake. In this blog, we share some cake decor ideas you can try on your own with simple cakes.