Select and order online the best Anniversary cake for your special day.

Select and order online the best Anniversary cake for your special day.

When ordering special occasion cakes for someone you shared a special bond with, the cake must be reflective of the relationship you share with that person. Young couples, looking to celebrate their union with modern wedding cakes or traditional marriage cakes, tend to look for cake designs that have a more grand, celebratory appeal. A loving and doting husband celebrating his first anniversary may consider a floral, romantic cake for new bride. While looking for a cake for parents’ anniversary, one might prefer something more elegant and simple. There are so many different kinds of marriage and wedding anniversary cakes, and if you’re looking for options or having difficulty deciding, Kukkr has got you covered!

In this blog, we’re sharing our best sellers in the customised anniversary cakes category.


  1. Engagement cakes and wedding cakes

When girls get involved in their own wedding planning, everything crossing their mind is about how they can make the celebration more special and memorable for them, and well as all the guests. Cake is one very important aspect of this. One of our customers was looking to order cake online in Mumbai for an intimate engagement ceremony requested a customised cake around the theme 'lovebirds’. Matching their requirements not only in terms of the theme, but also in terms of the colour scheme, weight and budget of the cake. The lovebirds engagement cake was absolutely beautiful. Another one of our customers was looking to order cake online in Hyderabad for a wedding reception. They were looking for customised cakes matching the bride’s gown colour and design. Our experienced and talented home bakers put together something so breathtaking, that our customers said they would never forget in their life! This green engagement cake with handmade sugar flowers and pearls 

Lovebirds Engagement Cake
  1. Anniversary cakes for newly married couples

First anniversary of couples are so special, because they remember their wedding celebration like it was yesterday! While celebrating this special occasion, one of our customers requested for something with hearts as part of the cake design. The cake was made in her husband’s favourite flavour, vanilla strawberry. We made this in fondant finish as per the client’s requirements and this hearts cake continues to be one of our best sellers till date. Another customer requested for a black and red coloured hearts anniversary cake, since black was her husband’s favourite colour. We were able to create the perfect design for their celebration.

  1. Anniversary cakes for parents and in-laws 

Celebrating her parent’s 35th anniversary in the lockdown, our customer wanted to order cake online in Hyderabad to make it more special. We proposed our signature fondant ruffle cake and she absolutely loved it! In hues of purple and magenta, with pink carnations, this cake was a perfect choice for celebrating her parent’s 35th anniversary. Another customer wanted to order cake online in Bangalore for her in-laws anniversary, but wanted something more simplistic and in the color white. We customized this cake and added an edible photo of her in-laws to give it that extra personal touch.


  1. Anniversary cakes for family and friends 

The Mr & Mrs topper cake, decorated with macaroons and fresh flowers, was customized by a brother for his recently married younger sister and brother-in-law. He wanted to convey his best wishes and bless the newly married couple a smooth and harmonious relationship on their first anniversary, and was looking for a way to share this along with the cake. We did this by adding personalized notes ‘for him’ and ‘for her’, and the young couple really appreciated this gesture of his. Another couple followed suit and ordered this elegant white fondant cake online.


If you’re looking to order anniversary cakes online then log on to , because we have such a wide range of cakes available to choose from. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can connect with one of our specialists and customize your cake based on your requirement and preferences.

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