Order customized cakes online and get them delivered at home.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s daily routines significantly, and most of us have had to adjust to the new normal. In this time, online shopping has been a big saviour for those looking to make purchases but don’t feel comfortable going to a physical store. This scenario has made e-commerce boom, and growth rates for online shopping business have been significantly higher since the pandemic started. How does this trend translate to ordering cakes online? Let’s talk about what are the three main advantages of ordering customized cakes online versus personally going to a cake shop or bakery.


  1. Unlimited cake designs available while ordering cakes online

Today Google and social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest give us access to so many pictures of theme cakes and customized cakes that are enticing and exciting. The traditional method of browsing through a catalog book in a cake shop is almost extinct now! With the talent and experience level of home bakers increasing in India, they are able to replicate designs crafted by International bakers too. The whole process of searching for theme cakes online has become a mandatory pre-requisite to ordering a cake. Ordering a cake online from Kukkr is even easier, because we have so many design options you can browse and choose from. Lets say you dreamt of a theme cake and couldn’t find a design that matches it, you can always connect with Kukkr’s experts to help customise your cake exactly the way to you want. You can chat with us online so that we can get your requirements. You can order the cake of your choice while observing social distancing since there’s no need to physically visit a store at all!


  1. Customised cakes online are the freshest as they are made to order

 All the home bakers Kukkr ties up with are FSSAI certified and have a license to operate home bakeries. Each order is freshly prepared as per the customer’s preferences, and nothing is pre-made and stored, as it would be done in a bakery. When you order from Kukkr, what you receive is absolutely fresh and straight out of the oven! Our experienced home bakers home bake it with utmost care and the finest ingredients. Once the order is prepared, it is directly delivered from the chef’s location to you, unlike in a bakery where it would travel from a central kitchen to the store and then to you.


  1. Stay Home, Stay Safe…We provide home delivery of customized cakes

When looking for a customized cake in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Mumbai, the convenience of being able to order cakes online is best because we offer home delivery too. Kukkr’s online cake delivery ensures contact less delivery since your cake is only handled by your baker and you. The baker will carefully place the cake in a secure position in the sanitized vehicle, and once your cake is dispatched, the delivery vehicles details are shared with you. Upon arrival at the destination, we always request our customers to personally collect the cake from the vehicle in order to ensure safety of the cake.


If you’ve never ordered cakes online, there’s no better time to try! Just hit up www.kukkr.com if you’re looking for order a theme cake online in Hyderabad, looking for a customized cake in Mumbai, or looking for online cake delivery in Bangalore. In case you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always connect with us online.

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