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Order Animal Theme Birthday Cakes for Kids Online

Ordering an animal theme cake online for your kids can be so exciting, because you have such a variety of options to choose from! Be it cute or scary, you can get options to match the vibe you want to create at your kid’s birthday celebration. Here's the count down of the Top 10 animal cakes ordered on Kukkr by our customers here. 

Before we dive right in, one caveat is that most animal cakes require fondant work and only skilled cake artists should be trusted with these because otherwise the tiger in the jungle cake could very easily turn out like a monkey! This is why you can trust Kukkr, because our cakes are made by experienced bakers and have been repeatedly been delivered in various locations to the same perfection.

Top 10 Animal Theme Birthday Cakes from Kukkr India

  1. Farm Animal cake

If your toddler likes singing ‘Old Mac Donald had a farm…’ on repeat, this is the cake for them! This animal farm cake has the cutest animals that will make your little one squeal with excitement when they see it. This one has been a favorite for 1st birthday celebrations at home, where the party is just about your little bub and you!


  1. Scary Dinosaur cake

Boys who love dinosaurs are sure to love this dinosaur cake! This cake captures the imagination of the wild and prehistoric landscape and the toy Dino tipper makes you want to RAWR! Don’t forget to add these dinosaur cakesicles to cart before you check out. These cakesicles are chocolate shells filled with moist cake, and are a sure shot hit for the kids who like to run around and play while eating cake.


  1. Hello Kitty cake

If you are looking for a cute 1st birthday cake for a baby girl, then this is it! This hello kitty cake is adorable and pink and pretty. Make your dessert table look complete with these hello kitty cakesicles. Party guests will love these cakesciles as they are bite sized and easy to eat.


  1. Nemo fish cake

Is your kid a water baby? Do they dream of swimming under the sea with all the ocean animals? This Nemo underwater theme cake is ideal for them. This cake table is so colourful and appealing with all its cute under water characters that it’s definitely going to make their day. The best part is that you can decorate your cake table with ocean animal cupcakes and seashell cakesicles and donuts, to make the extra special and memorable.


  1. Panda Girl cake

Cute and cuddly pandas are a little girl’s favorite and that’s why this panda girl cake is so popular. Pastel hues with thin bamboos give it a delicate look, and the colourful bunting on top gives it that party feel. This one is perfect for 1st Birthday Cake for Baby Girl or even 2-3 year olds.


  1. Baby Shark cake

The baby shark cake is the best choice for your baby who loves singing ‘do do do’ while dancing to this popular nursery rhyme. Family of sharks celebrating their baby shark’s special day shouldn’t miss this one! Pair this up with the matching baby shark cupcakes to get the complete look. These have been so popular for celebrating monthly milestones too.


  1. Unicorn cake

Dreamy unicorn magic is something every kid can have more of in their life, and this unicorn cake definitely makes the dream come to life. Rainbows and smiley unicorns floating amongst the clouds definitely make this one so desirable by all the unicorn fans out there. To add some more magic and charm to your cake table, add these unicorn cakesicles and cupcakes to your cart on your way to checkout!


  1. Jungle cake 

This jungle cake is the most enquired about cake in our collection of animal cakes till date. This fully fondant covered cake is for your wild one who loves jungle animals and adventures in the jungle. Pair it with these matching themed animal cupcakes and make your dessert table look absolutely wild and adventurous.


  1. Peppa Pig cake

This one is for peppa pig fans that love jumping up and down in muddy puddles. While your little pigs dip their fingers into the chocolate buttercream frosting oozing from the cake, mummy and daddy pig can enjoy a slice of this creamy cake, surrounded by crunchy kitkat bars.


  1. Panda cake

This cute panda cake is our absolute bestseller because it’s not only popular with kids but also with the adults. This is the ideal cake for husband, boyfriend, brother or best friend, whoever reminds you of this cute little panda. The chocolate wafer rolls surrounding the cake make this chocolate cake taste even more crunchy and rich.


So that’s our top 10 animal cakes ordered on Kukkr! You can order any of these cakes online and if there’s something that you have in mind, we can customize animal cakes as per your preference.

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