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Looking for customized cakes with less fondant? Here are some ideas

Fondant and Buttercream are used for cake decoration extensively and both are absolutely safe to be consumed by kids and adults! However, some people have reservations against fondant cakes and therefore do not opt for customised cakes as they feel fondant is used in primarily theme cakes. In this blog we are going to briefly discuss why it is safe to consume fondant cakes, and share alternative customised cakes with less fondant. 

What is fondant? Is it safe?

Fondant is paste made from sugar and water that can be moulded and sculpted to make intricate decorations or draped over a cake to give a smooth finish. Buttercream, on the other hand, in a frosting made from sugar and butter that can be spread on cakes or piped into different patterns. As the ingredients suggest, both are absolutely safe to be consumed. However, fondant has a sweet and dry texture while buttercream and a rich and creamy texture. Each of these mediums has their strengths when it comes to cake décor and design. But our experience so far suggests that customers usually have a preference of the taste and feel that cream cakes taste better. This isn’t true really because fondant, while draping the cake, is a very thin layer placed over a layer of buttercream. If at all, someone is very averse to it, they can simply remove this layer before eating. Moreover, Buttercream frosting also contains sugar so the argument that fondant cakes are sweeter doesn’t hold true either!

Still not convinced? Choose a theme cake with less fondant.

You can opt for a cream cake with fondant design details so that they can savour the taste of a rich creamy cake and also fascinate the birthday boy/girl with a cute character or object of their liking.

The Panda cake

This panda cake is our absolute bestseller because it’s the ideal cake for husband, boyfriend, brother or best friend, whoever reminds you of this cute little panda. The cake is made in buttercream finish, and the chocolate wafer rolls surrounding the cake make this chocolate cake taste even more crunchy and rich. Only the panda is made in fondant in this cake, and the cake can be served to guests without it. However if there are children around, you can be absolutely certain that they will be eyeing the panda, to eat it!


Unicorn cake

When it comes to children cakes, parents tend to fret even more about fondant being used in the cake. A couple looking for Customized Cakes in Bangalore contacted Kukkr saying their daughter loves unicorns! But it’s her first birthday so we don’t want her to be binging on fondant. We offered them this pastel pink unicorn cake. This unicorn cake is made in buttercream finish and just the décor on top of the cake is made in fondant. The fondant crafted unicorn, rainbow and clouds make it look dreamy and magical and can be easily removed from the cake after the cake cutting celebration.


Frozen 2 princess cake

This Frozen princess cake is based on the popular kids movie ‘Frozen 2’ and is another bestseller amongst those who want to keep fondant to the minimum. A customer looking for Customized Cakes in Hyderabad approached Kukkr and requested for toy cake toppers to be used in a Frozen theme cake. We suggested this design shown below as the cake is made in cream finish and only the cute little Olaf and the snowflakes are made with fondant. This is another option to parents preferring less fondant can consider, and a similar approach has been taken to other animal cakes of Dinosaur theme or jungle theme where toy toppers are used instead.


Apart from this, there are lots of customized theme cakes with in buttercream finish. Here are some more designs.


The bottom line is that fondant is safe, and completely edible, and hence it’s used extensively in cake decorations. We’ve shared a few ideas on how we can opt for Birthday Customized Cakes with less fondant, keeping in mind those who prefer the taste of buttercream cakes. Hope these have sparked a few ideas!

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