Latest Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Family and Friends

When Mambally Bapu, a passionate baker in the coastal town of Thalasseri (Kerala), baked a plum cake in December 1883 for a British patron, he had no idea that he had created culinary history. A century after Bapu baked India’s first-ever Christmas cake, the baking scenario in India has changed phenomenally. It is so much batter, err, better and exciting too! The variety of cakes is limited only by your imagination, and you can order customised cakes online in any desired size, form, flavor, theme, and colour. Check out the latest birthday cake ideas for your family and friends from Kukkr, the best site to order customized cakes online for all your celebrations.

Buy bomb cake online for the birthday of son or daughter

The bomb cake is the bestseller of Kukkr’s creative birthday cakes for kids and has its exterior in the shape of a bomb. Delight your birthday boy or girl by gifting them a special bomb and ask them to light the wick. Enjoy their joyful squeals of surprise when the ‘bomb’ opens up to reveal their delicious birthday cake nestled inside it!

Bomb cake birthday cake online for son or daughter

Break the monotony with Pinata cakes for birthday or bridal shower of your girl

If you think breaking things is destructive behaviour, think again! The wide range of inventive Pinata cakes for the birthday boy or girl is designed to shatter the norm of uninteresting birthday cakes. With novel pinata cakes for birthdays, you can have fun breaking the cake and eating it too!

Pinata cake with non-edible girl topper for bridal shower

Order photopull cake online for your loved ones

Photographs are visual reminders of the cherished moments of our life. Who doesn’t love to reminiscence those beautiful memories on their special day? Your spouse or your friend may not have the time to pull out photo albums or browse through digital galleries, but you can surely surprise them with Kukkr’s Photopull cake. This cake deceptively looks like another birthday cake from the outside but has a photo reel (of 9 memorable photos you chose) hidden inside the cake. When your beloved spouse, parent, or friend pulls the topper, a reel of sweet memories unfurls to delight them! The delectable cake and the photo pulling experience will be etched in their memory forever. The cake is suitable for birthdays and anniversaries with toppers to match.

Personalized Pull me up cake for wife or girlfriend

You have probably seen a pull-me-up cake at birthday parties of kids. This cake usually has a plastic sheet covering on top, and when pulled, it lets a river of rich chocolate sauce tantalizingly flood the cake. Well, Kukkr’s personalised pull me up cake for your wife has it even better – the cake has a picture of your wife, and the cake is dome-shaped (like a flared gown). The creamy sauce and the edible golden sparkle cascade down the dome when the sheet is pulled up, draping the dress all around with sweetness! Buy a personalized pull me up cake for wife or your girlfriend and charm her to cloud nine!

Personalised pull me up cake for wife

The next time you want to order birthday cake online, check out Kukkr for the latest birthday cake ideas for your family members or friends!

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