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Important Tips for Customers while Ordering Customised Cakes

Are you thinking about getting into the murky waters of artisanal bakes to end up a customized cake purchaser for the first time?

If you have a magnificent celebratory occasion coming up that calls for a show stopping cake, contacting a baker to create something special is a top notch way of making it an unforgettable celebration. But with thousands of ideas popping up on Instagram every day and grime low-priced cakes lining the cabinets of the supermarket, how do you understand the place to start? The manner is in reality quite easy and can be exciting if you comply with a few key rules. 

Here's our 5 top suggestions each customized cake customer need to know 

Tip 1: Give as plenty of info in your enquiry as possible. Key important points such as the number of friends the cake needs to serve, date it’s needed, flavours, colorings and different customisation will assist your baker deliver your thoughts to existence and verify their availability from the outset. Simply telling you ‘need a cake’ won’t assist the bakery quote for it if they don’t understand the size or date it’s needed.

Tip 2: Don’t anticipate miracles overnight. Any cake takes a lot of planning and time between the various stages, however a customized cake format is even more so as it consists of personalized details. If you call any baker the day before your daughter’s birthday celebration asking for a cake to serve a hundred guests, you will be disappointed. It’s not like we don’t desire to help, it’s because even if there had been no different orders in the schedule, there aren’t adequate hours to skillfully bake it! So place your order as well in advance as you can, at least 4-5 days prior so that bakers have enough time to prepare and procure anything specific require to prepare your order. 

Tip 3: Be practical when you set your budget. If you’ve never ordered a cake before, you may have no idea how much it will cost, however you shouldn’t see cake shop cakes as a benchmark. They’re mass produced and nothing like the excellence of a hand crafted customized cake. Kukkr has listed many cakes online which will give you some indication of our pricing so you can get a sense of whether it suits your price range, however beyond that the great factor is to ask them what they can do with your budget. Instead of attempting to haggle them down (there’s a reason they’ve priced things that way), have faith in Kukkr home bakers to guide you on what’s possible. If you have your heart set on a four tier extravaganza, be prepared to shell out more money for the time and talent it takes to pull that off.

Tip 4: Make certain the cake is safely delivered. Cake is a horrible passenger and you can’t clearly sling the box on the back seat as you pace off to the party. Which is why we individually travel like grannies across the mean and bumpy streets of India in a temperature managed van. Not only do you ditch the stress, however we’re on hand to make certain everything is looking on point when we arrive. If you know you won’t be at the shipping address on the day, we suggest presenting specified alternative instructions to your neighbour/porter/concierge who is willing to take delivery of your perishable item on your behalf. 

Tip 5: If you’re unhappy with something, let us know so that we can offer a proper clarification. One of the things that’s frightening about ordering a customized cake is that you can’t be aware of precisely how it will turn out. We try our best to ensure that our home bakers make the cake's appearance and taste as close to the client's expectations as possible. But in the unlikely event that our cakes don't meet your expectation, please contact us so that we can provide a proper clarification, and take on your feedback constructively for future business. This approach is always far more impactful and constructive rather than criticism on any platform. We are always here to listen to your concerns and act upon it to ensure we give you enough comfort for you to come back to us for your next order!

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