How to choose the best birthday cake?

How to choose the best birthday cake?

There are so many kinds of birthday cakes available today, and it is often difficult to choose the best birthday cake for your loved one. When you’re bored of a simple plain regular chocolate cake, and set out to look for customized cakes online, it’s so daunting because you wouldn’t know where to start! When you look to order cakes online, you want to know how many kgs would be needed to make a particular design, what the cost would be, flavour options, and so much more.

We get a lot of questions from customers, and to simplify the decision process we have come up with 5 simple questions that will help you choose the best birthday cake for your loved ones.

  1. How many people are you looking to serve this birthday cake to?

Whether the cake is for a small home celebration or for a party, getting an approximate number of guests is always useful. Typically 1 kg of cake serves 7-8 people. The number of kgs required, will in turn influence the design of the cake you choose. Therefore this is the first decision to be made of you’re looking to be very practical about the choice of the cake.

However, cakes and cake tables have become the center of all pictures clicked at any celebration. Most customized birthday cakes look stunning when they’re tall, but tall cakes and multi-tier cakes definitely need more weight. So if you’re looking for a gorgeous cake to make our occasion really special and memorable, it’s best to opt for cakes with a minimum of 3 kgs.


  1. What theme or design would the birthday boy/ birthday girl like?

I’m sure you would agree a birthday cake for dad would look very different from a birthday cake for mom. Taking into account who’s birthday it is equally important and therefore must be the next decision you make. My dad’s a whiskey lover so I’ll select a whiskey themed birthday cake for dad. My mom likes flowers so I’d pick a floral birthday cake for mom. But a birthday cake for husband would be totally different; he is a biryani lover, so I would choose the bestselling biryani cake and matching themed cupcakes instead. 

We have so many options available online, that you can spend time browsing and we are sure something would capture your interest! If not, we can always customize something different for you so please contact us if there’s something specific you are looking for.


  1. Which flavor would they prefer? 

It is nice to know which flavor the birthday boy or girl prefers because after all the birthday cake is for them! But when there is a wider audience who will be there to enjoy the cake, it’s always good to choose a flavor that’s a crowd pleaser. Usually, a moist chocolate cake is liked by most, but this tends to be quite dense so if you’re looking for something lighter then Vanilla Strawberry has been a popular choice too.

The other thing to keep in mind is whether you need an eggless cake and to take note of allergies any of the guests might have. For this reason, we always recommend that we avoid something with nuts in the cake when it’s a larger gathering because it’s much safer.

Whiskey Birthday Cake for Husband
  1. When and where should I get the birthday cake delivered?

Home delivery is such a blessing when it comes to birthday cakes! Usually, on the day of the birthday, it is a challenge to take time to go pick up a cake from a particular location. Having said that, to order cakes online, you must be sure of the delivery address and the time at which you would like the cake to be delivered. If you are unsure of the venue of where a birthday party might be held, it’s always best to figure that out first because cakes are very delicate. It’s recommended that cakes don’t travel too far unless absolutely necessary, especially cream cakes, because weather conditions in India pose challenges.  

The ideal time to get a cake delivered is just an hour or so prior to the cake cutting. However this isn’t always possible, so it’s always best to keep the cake refrigerated. Make sure you don’t order the cake too much is advance because cakes taste best when consumed within 24 hours. 

  1. Which website can I safely order from online?

Ordering cakes online doesn’t have to be a gamble. Choose the site that has plenty of options to choose from, has FSSAI and other health precautions in place, and delivers to your desired delivery location. A great way to validate is to read their reviews online and check out their social media pages.

To order cakes online in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, you can trust Kukkr. We offer cakes from home bakers that take utmost care in preparing your order, all of who are FSSAI certified. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from and also customized cakes depending on your requirements.

We hope these pointers will help you choose the best birthday cake for your loved ones!

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