How to Choose Frosting When You Order Birthday Cake Online

Close your eyes and imagine a cake. What do you see? Bet it is not a plain pound cake, but a grand and creamy one! That's because a cake is not a cake without its enticing layer of smooth frosting with fluffy dollops of cream roses and all the dainty decorations perched on it. The icing is, well, really, the icing on the cake. Frosting and icing birthday cakes and theme cakes is an art, and the home bakers at Kukkr have mastered it. Please browse through our wedding cake creations to believe us!

Animal cake birthday cake with fondant animals

Frostings are all different, and when you see their variety, you wonder how to choose a frosting when you order birthday cakes online. Here's a handy guide to help you from Team Kukkr.

Types of frosting

Fondant frosting for themed cakes 

Pink fondant ruffle cake with fondant straps and fresh flowers in pink

Fondant or sugar paste is the most versatile and easily manageable of all frostings. It is malleable, stiff, sweet (a little too sweet, but who's complaining? Not the kids!), and rollable. It is made of powdered sugar, shortening, and corn syrup. Fondant can be rolled into any shape and can be flavoured and coloured while cooking. It lends a classic 'look and sheen to cakes. No wonder our professional home bakers use fondant for frosting their cakes!

Be aware – Fondant is pliable and can be shaped easily into any flower, animal, or figure, but as the design gets more intricate, the cost increases too! Also, when these fondant figures are placed on cream frosting, they tend to 'bleed' their colour onto the frosting when the temperature rises. Humidity can cause the fondant to sweat, and rain is another spoiler. Finally, fondant is very sweet and may not be suitable when you order cakes online for adults. Fondant is an absolute hit with kids, though!

Cream frosting for customised cakes online

The cream frosting is the most popular of frostings and the easiest to whip up in a jiffy. This is the frosting you see on dreamy multi-tier wedding cakes and grand theme cakes, and customised cakes you order online. The cream frosting is light and has that delicate hint of sweetness that makes you crave for more!

Here are the different types of cream we use to drape and decorate our cakes –

Buttercream frosting

Valentine's red heart cake with buttercream frosting

As the name suggests, the chief ingredient of this frosting is butter which is whipped first. Some bakers prefer to use vegetable shortening instead of butter. Next, a sweet base (usually powdered sugar or icing sugar) and flavor are added at room temperature. It has soft and fluffy consistency but can turn greasy if whipped and mixed incorrectly. It is easy to spread and pipe and is used for sponge and cupcakes.

Be aware – Buttercream melts in warm surroundings, so you must keep the cake refrigerated until it's party time. When you order cake online in Mumbai or wish to have online cake delivery in Bangalore, Kukkr ensures that your customized cake with buttercream frosting is transported in refrigerated vehicles to the delivery venue.

Whipped cream frosting

Customised wedding anniversary cake with whipped cream frosting and fresh roses

The whipped cream frosting is very light and airy in pale yellow or ivory colour. It has a mild flavour and is preferred for frosting summer cakes with fruits in them, like <strawberry cakes> and <cakes with seasonal fruits and berries> The heavy whipped cream is mixed with fresh cream cheese (a stabilizer) and whipped, so it is suitable for frosting. In addition, the icing sugar has cornstarch that further aids in stabilizing the cream.

Be aware –Whipped cream is very soft. It is likely to lose its consistency if not refrigerated. If you choose to order cake delivery in Bangalore or order cake online Hyderabad, Kukkr will deliver it in all its creamy glory at your doorstep.

Ganache frosting and filling

Chocolate overload cake, Diwali cake with creamy chocolate ganache

Ganache is a rich and thick chocolaty frosting and filling. It can be made by combining chocolate (milk, dark, or white) with a hot liquid, usually cream or coffee. Its consistency is silky and thick but pourable. Ganache stiffens after it is chilled. Ganache is used for filling cakes and pastry. Kukkr's team of bakers use Ganache frosting and filling in all the festive chocolate cakes, customised birthday cakes, and cupcakes.

Choose the best frosting for your cake, and we will make sure it melts only in your mouth!

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