Five Creative Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Don't let the pandemic dampen your mood or your creativity when it comes to selecting a Birthday cake. Want some birthday cake decoration ideas which you can work out on short notice and create a fabulous cake? There are plenty of things that you can try out to spruce up a simple Birthday Cake. In this blog, we share some cake decor ideas you can try on your own with simple cakes. 


1. Colourful Candy Toppings

Colourful birthday cakes are very attractive! We can all agree on that. But it gets even more exciting when you can add some colourful candy, which you can pick up from your neighbourhood store. Sharing before and after pictures of this colourful rainbow theme birthday cake, so you can see what we mean! You can really add as much candy as you want, there's no limit. The more, the merrier. 

Rainbow Cake by Kukkr              Candy Cake by Kukkr

This will surely get all the kids excited and have them reach out, trying to grab candy even before the birthday cake is cut. 


2. Booze is the Boss  

Even a very unassuming, simple birthday cake can be transformed with a little bit of creativity. Looking to have a house party for adults? Add some fun to the birthday cake by adding store bought chocolates and some miniature alcohol bottles to it! Have a look at what our client recently did to transform their birthday cake. 

Red Velvet Overload cake               Liquor bottles on red velvet overload cake

We heard this was definitely a cake the birthday couple would remember for many years to come! 


3. Photopull Cake

These days the 'Photopull' cake is trending! Essentially, its a collection of photographic memories all rolled up in a birthday cake to surprise the birthday boy. This one is a real surprise as no one can tell from the outside whats hidden in this special birthday cake.  This Customized Birthday Cake was made in shades of blue, as this was the birthday boy's favourite colour. We also included his favourite photos inside the cake, and when he cut the cake, the photoreel was revealed! 

Fondant Ruffle cake in shades of Blue                  Photopull cake

Don't miss out on this trend! Try this customised birthday cake for your next celebration. 


4. Number or Name Initials Birthday cake 

Celebrating a milestone celebration and want something really simple and straight forward? Go for these monogram cakes. The best part about these cakes is that you can go for a simple cream cake and add toppings of your choice, such as fresh flowers, chocolates, macaroons and even fruit! 



5. Confetti Balloons 

Looking to add a bit of sparkle to the birthday cake, just to highlight the appearance and not alter the taste? These sparkle balloons are a great way to do so. 

Confetti Balloon Cake     

Hope you liked our Birthday Cake decoration ideas! Have a birthday around the corner and need to surprise your loved one with a unique and customised Birthday Cake? Give these a try and share your thoughts on the comments section below. 

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