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First Birthday Cakes - Some trending cake themes

What a joyful occasion it is to celebrate your child's very first birthday! The sweet little miracle which brought boundless love, laughter, and loving memories into your life is turning one already, which calls for the best birthday cake ever! You have the picture in your head – a creamy yellow cake with your baby and his first toys – the set of cute stuffed animals on it, baby's first socks and mittens, the white checked-tee grandma gifted him, his favourite blue, dinky car, and his first … yes, you can have all this and more on his first birthday cake!

If you plan to order a customised cake for your baby, take a peek at Kukkr's popular theme cakes for the first birthday celebration, talk to our creative home bakers, and order the first birthday cake online. 

Customised first birthday cake in blue fondant finish with a kitten, blues ball, and Lego blocks

Customised cakes for a first birthday celebration

A first birthday cake is a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime and generations. So why limit the cake to the confines of a geometric shape? Put your thinking cap on and set your imagination free. Now, personalize your baby's cake with his favorite things, his weight, height, and his pet peeves. Make the first birthday a memorable one with Kukkr's home bakers!

Here's a pink creamy first birthday cake for daughter with a buttercream finish. The baby girl's name, birthday, weight, and height are displayed on the cake, thus capturing the moment for eternity. The cake has a paperboard topper of a baby girl with two fondant donuts with colourful sprinkles.

customized theme cake for the first birthday celebration

Popular theme cakes for the first birthday of kids

Cocomelon theme cake

Kids of all ages love their favourite characters on TV. Yes, even infants have their preferences! Look at your baby's eyes twinkling when their favorite Cocomelon show is being aired, and you'll know. So, treat your baby to this colourful Cocomelon birthday cake, and rest assured they will thank you when they can!

Cocomelon theme cake with handmade fondant figures for first birthday cake

Unicorn theme cake

When your darling little princess takes her first step into her second year, doesn't she deserve a two-tier unicorn theme cake to celebrate the special occasion? This beautiful cake makes the best centerpiece with perfectly chiseled tiers and the unicorn's mane in pleasing pastel shades. It is sure to delight your tiny toddler and her friends! The realistic sugar flowers at the base of the cake are edible too.

Unicorn theme cake for the first birthday celebration with fondant finish

Boss baby theme cake for boys

This cute boss baby birthday cake has a soft cream finish with a fondant pacifier, milk bottle, and paper board toppers to minimize the use of artificial colours (babies get messy during the cake smash!). We also have a version of boss baby birthday cake for girls.

boss baby birthday cake for boys' first birthday celebration with fondant boss baby, milk bottle, pacifier, and money

So, if you plan to order a theme cake for your child's first birthday or a special occasion cake, glance through Kukkr's popular theme cakes for the first birthday and choose the best one.  

Which theme would you like for your baby’s first birthday? Please share your ideas below!

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