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Customized Disney Themed Cake for children

When it comes to children’s birthdays, they know exactly what theme birthday cake they want. They are usually ready with their list of favourite cartoon characters even before you ask them, and that’s why choosing a cake for kids is not hard! Girls favourites always include a unicorn cake or a princess cake. Where as boys love the McQueen car from the popular Disney movie, Cars, or Nemo from the movie 'Finding Nemo'. Ordering a Disney cake customised to these popular disney movies is easy with Kukkr as we have several cakes for children to choose from. This blog talks about some of the top choices for kids cakes. 

  1. Unicorn cakes

Unicorn cakes are all about dreamy magic and rainbows, and is a favourite among all the little girls! The latest trend is Unicorn Piñata cakes because kids have so much fun smashing the piñata and seeing what surprise is in store for them inside, this unicorn piñata is our bestseller! The filling for these can be small cake or assorted chocolates with personal messages. For lockdown birthdays its an absolute must as its sure to bring a smile to your little ones face. 



One of the most enquired about cakes is the stunning two tier unicorn cake, made in full fondant finish. If you're looking for something memorable for your little ones first birthday celebration, this is it! With its pastel shades and hand made sugar flowers, this is a very pretty choice for your little one's birthday cake and is sure to add some magic to your celebration.  

Unicorn cake by Kukkr           

Another cool idea for unicorn theme birthdays are these delectable unicorn cakesicles that can be used to decorate the cake table as well as distribute to kids as return gifts! Check out these gorgeous unicorn cakesicles.  


 There are just so many options to choose from. Need to browse more designs to decide? Check out our Unicorn cakes collection

  1. Princess cakes

Pull me up or tsunami cakes are the latest fad, and when this was customised in the princess theme, we just fell in love with it! Kukkr has customised the Elsa princess 'pull me up' cake and these have really become very popular off late. It is so mesmerising to watch as the flood of icing cascading down its sides that make up Elsa's gown when it reaches the bottom. 


Another gorgeous cake, with lots of fondant detailing is our Princess Belle cake. This is a timeless classic has fondant ruffle designing in the bottom tier below the beautifully draped fondant gown of princess Belle. The crown and the handmade fondant flowers on top, add a special touch to the cake. The speciality of this cake is that customers can choose a flavour for the bottom tier and another flavour for the top tier. This gives your party guests a choice of flavours to savour. 


Want to browse more options before your decide on the perfect cake? Check out our Princess cakes collection  

  1. Disney movie cakes 

When it comes to Cake for children, often just the cake is not enough. There's a huge spread of dessert table items which complete the look- cupcakes, cakesicles, cake pops, cookies, doughnuts, macaroons, all of which are customised to the theme selected. These are popular not only because they complete the look of your dessert table, but also because these are bite sized and enjoyed by the little party guests as they can eat these while running around and playing.  A great dessert table spread we did was for this Nemo themed Disney cake, inspired by the Disney movie 'Finding Nemo'. 

          Nemo themed desserts by Kukkr      

Kukkr customises dessert table options on request, so if you're looking for something to add to the dessert table, get in touch with our experts who can share options with you. 

Another thing boys love is cars! And the 'Cars' Disney movie has always been fascinating. The Lightning Mc Queen Cake made in bright red buttercream with a handmade fondant car on top and fondant prints of flags and the other cars from the movie. This one is sure to make their day! 


Check out our Cartoon cakes collection before you make up your mind on the perfect Disney cake for your children's' birthdays. 

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