Customised Birthday Cake for Dad | Birthday Cake for Husband

There can be no arguments about this – Dad is the first superhero of every little girl, and he stays firmly in that glorious spot forever. And then, there arrives a dashing young man who sweeps her off her feet and shares the coveted spot with dad! They both love you unconditionally, believe in your dreams, support, encourage, inspire you, and are always there for you.

Naturally, you’d like to celebrate the birthday of your dad or your husband with a special party and order a customized birthday cake online for him. But, of course, only the best of the best will do for the two most important men in your life. So, you decide to design a birthday cake for him with all the lovely memories rolled in and order the cake online. After all, it can’t be too hard to buy cake online from one of the zillion bakers!

Customized birthday cake for husband, cake shaped like chicken biryani in a pot

Order customized cakes online – buy a birthday cake for dad

Does ordering cake online sound easy-peasy? Sure does, but only if you are willing to spend hours scouring the internet to find the best baker in town, explain your idea to them, make sure they use the best ingredients available, and follow your instructions. You’d probably send them periodic reminders about the date and time of delivery, too (and keep your fingers perpetually crossed!).

Or, you can order customized birthday cakes in Hyderabad for dad or husband from the expert home bakers of Kukkr. They understand your sentiments perfectly, so you can rest assured of impeccable quality and timely delivery of the cake.

How about a cricket stadium-shaped birthday cake from Kukkr for your IPL-crazy dad? We bet the thoughtfulness will bowl him over! 

Cricket birthday cake for dad with buttercream finish and fondant bat, ball, and stumps

Order cake online for him – customized birthday cake for husband

Is your hubby a workaholic who loses track of time as he works on his projects? So be it, but let him not lose his sense of humour! This personalized birthday cake for him is sure to draw his attention, tickle his funny bone, and earn his admiration!

Birthday cake for husband. Workaholic husband with a laptop and mobile phones, all made of fondant

On the other hand, if your hubby is a fitness freak and a workout enthusiast, you can order cake online for him with a theme based on workout equipment. Then, weigh the cake down with fondant dumbbells, kettlebells, protein powder tubs, and weights to lift your hubby’s spirits!                                                                                                                         

You can further personalize the cake with your dad or hubby’s name, age, and a loving message on the cake itself or the cake board. You can opt for a buttercream or fondant finish for the cake.

customized birthday cake for husband with fondant workout equipment

Celebrating the birthday of your dad or husband with a decadent birthday cake is but a small gesture of affection and appreciation. So pour your heart out to the two precious men in your life with Kukkr’s customized cakes for them.

customised birthday cake for dad with metallic chocolate sails and gold drip

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