Customised Cupcakes – The Best Gifting Solution for Any Celebration

Now, who doesn’t like to bite into cupcakes? They are petite, creamy, colourful, sweet, and they are portable too! Though these dainty versions of a cake came into bakeries only in the 19th century, they have rapidly gained popularity and have risen to many an occasion. All thanks to Hostess, the first American company that mass-produced cupcakes, these versatile desserts have found their way into a million homes across the world. Customised cupcakes are the best gifting solution for any celebration at home or work. 

Floral cupcakes for birthday, anniversary, celebrations

Reasons why cupcakes are popular

Cupcakes offer a range of advantages for kids and adults alike –

  • Easily portable because of its compact size. 
  • No worry about cutting a large cake and slicing it. No mess, no cleaning up.
  • It is easy to control portion size. 
  • Everyone can enjoy the frosting (and the cherry!)
  • Unlike a large cake in one flavour, you can enjoy many flavours of cupcakes.

Here are some of the famous cupcakes of Kukkr - 

Customised cupcakes for birthdays, anniversaries

Customised cupcakes make it so much easier to lend a personalised touch to each cake. You can order cupcakes online from Kukkr and buy batches of cupcakes in different flavors and colours with various toppings and sprinkles. You can have the messages piped on fondant placards and customise the fillings too.

Customised cupcakes with cream and fondant topper having a message

Theme cupcakes for birthdays and celebrations

Theme parties are the latest trend, and theme cupcakes, the most-loved preferred desserts. You can choose any theme that will excite your kid – Harry Potter, Peppa Pig, Animals, Vehicles - discuss your ideas with Kukkr’s home baker, and order theme cake online. Look at the Theme cupcakes on Kukkr’s website for ideas.

Theme cupcake with Harry Potter-themed brooms and wands on top
Ocean animals theme cupcakes with colorful fondant sea animals in sea blue buttercream

Anniversary cupcakes for weddings and workplace events

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with these customised anniversary cupcakes telling the story of your marriage in all its different phases – courtship, wedding, the arrival of the baby, and a happy family – intricately crafted with fondant by Kukkr home bakers. You can order cupcakes online to be delivered to your doorstep in any of the cities Kukkr offers cakes.

Wedding anniversary cupcakes with fondant toppers showing different stages of the couple’s life

Baby shower cupcakes to delight the mom to be

The excited (and nervous) mom to be is probably worrying herself sick as she gets into the last trimester. So, why not cheer her up with quaint cupcakes in pink and blues! Kukkr home bakers have just the cupcakes to lift her spirits – with the ‘READY TO POP’ message on the cake top!

Baby shower cupcakes for mom to be with ‘Ready To Pop’ message piped in pink and blue

Birthday cupcakes for family and friends

Even if you order a traditional birthday theme cake online for your son or daughter, don’t forget to order a few dozen customised cupcakes that complement your birthday party theme. Kukkr has many themed cupcakes that your invitees will love. It is a great idea to pack the cupcake also as a special return gift for the young guests.

Peppa Pig birthday cake topped with fondant Peppa pig family

Floral cupcakes for all reasons

Flowers are bright and cheery and symbolize happiness and wellness. Among our most popular are the floral cupcakes that are suitable for all occasions.

Floral bouquet cupcake for wife, mom, girlfriend with buttercream roses and stem, hearts in fondant

We hope you liked our cupcake designs. Which cupcake would you choose for your special day?

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Floral cupcakes are my favorite but I like the wedding anniversary cupcakes too. 👍🏽

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