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Customised Cake Online for Celebrations in the Family

You want to bake a special birthday cake for your cricket-crazy dad and have everything planned to the last detail. It is his milestone birthday, and you want to bowl him over with a cricket pitch-shaped Black Forest cake with a delicious patch of dark chocolate chips and huge swirls of fresh cream, his favourite. But it turns to be a crazy hectic week, and the baking plan glides off your mind.

When you realize the folly, it's a tad too late to bake from scratch! So you panic and frantically call all the neighbourhood bakeries to order a special cake, only to be politely wait-listed. How you wish you could order customised cakes online for your family!

Kukkr cakes online rise to every family occasion

Thanks to Kukkr, every celebration can be made memorable with personalised cakes for your family members. Be it birthday cake for mom, birthday cake for dad, wedding anniversary cake, or birthday cake for husband, you can conveniently buy cake online. Kukkr has a vast network of specialist home bakers, and it matches your order with the most suitable baker based on your requirement and location. Then, the cake is home-baked to your specifications (with a dash of creativity) and delivered to your doorstep!


Anniversary cake for mom and dad with fresh flowers and fondant finish


Birthday cake for husband

Yes, you love your husband with all your heart, but you can surely think beyond the usual heart-shaped birthday cake. Instead, why not buy cake online from Kukkr that reflects your hubby's personality? For example, if he is a great Netflix fan, this cake would really delight him, complete with a tub of popcorn. Reely!


Netflix birthday cake for husband


Customised birthday cake for dad

Is your dad a connoisseur of fine food and Biriyani, his favourite dish? Then, why not treat him with a realistic (Kukkr's most popular) Biriyani cake and spice up his special day! This brass pot birthday cake with basmati rice, chicken legs, boiled eggs, and chilies is sure to be another hot favourite!


Biriyani birthday cake for dad with fondant bowl, rice, eggs, chicken leg, and spices

Birthday cake for wife

It can be challenging for a husband to order birthday cakes online for his better half. Having too many choices doesn't help at all! Would she prefer a snow-white frosting to pink? Should there be edible pearls or chocolate shavings on the top? Square or heart-shaped? Vanilla or chocolate?

Whatever your choices, you can be sure of this one – she'd love fresh flowers on them. So, select any cake and embellish it with flowers for a stunning, romantic effect!  

Birthday cream cake with fresh flowers for wife

Floral birthday cake for mom

No birthday cake, however grand and pretty, can ever express all your love for mom, but this cream cake with its dainty fondant flowers and a 'MOM' topper is assured to make her smile!

Birthday cake for mom with buttercream finish and pretty fondant flowers

What is your favorite cake design for your family members? Do share your ideas and suggestions with us in the comments section!





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