Chocolate Cake for Every Occasion to Delight Chocoholics

It is a truth acknowledged by everyone that no party, family reunion, or celebration is complete without a chocolate cake. After all, who on earth can resist the tantalizing allure of a decadent slice of chocolate cake? When you throw in some brownies, an assortment of the choicest chocolates, truffles, and chocolate cookies to decorate the cake, it transforms into the tastiest chocolate cake ever!

Sinfully rich flavour? You bet!

If you are a devout chocoholic who cannot resist anything chocolatey - chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, and also love it in wafers, milk, smoothies, and ice cream, then order a chocolate overload theme cake online from Kukkr and celebrate your special day!

Bite into the divine taste of fluffy and moist cakes packed with creamy chocolate goodness that will be the sweetest highlight of your day. You can imagine, design, and order customized cakes in Mumbai online from Kukkr for your loved one.

chocolate birthday cake with chocolate cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate-coated nuts

Order elegant chocolate cakes online for birthdays and anniversaries

There are chocolate connoisseurs who enjoy silky rich chocolate cakes in their minimalist form – just pure cocoa with no frills or frostings but loaded with layers of whipped fillings. Naked chocolate cakes are perfect in such cases because, as the name suggests, it has no frosting on the sides and you can see through the crumb-dusted exterior at the wide variety of fillings.

The first Naked chocolate cake was baked in 2014 by a seasoned baker, Christina Tosi immediately became a rage. The cake is popular among the youth and older patrons alike because it is very light and less sugary (as there’s no thick layer of frosting) with several fluffy cake layers. You can order a customized cake in Hyderabad online with your choice of filling to be piped delicately between the layers and have the cake decorated with fresh seasonal flowers in a riot of colours.

This is a simple cake with exquisite melt-in-the-mouth quality and is baked to perfection by the experienced home bakers of Kukkr. The cake layers are filled with dollops of buttercream or ganache and are kept moist with a generous spread of sweet syrup. Check out the Naked chocolate cakes available on the site and order for online cake delivery in Bangalore to satiate your sweet cravings!

Naked chocolate cake with fresh red roses and buttercream frosting

Chocolate overload birthday cake or anniversary cake online with customized topper

Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about having ‘too much chocolate’? Not very likely! When it is a widely accepted (read scientifically-proven) fact that cocoa is a mood-enhancer, there’s no stopping confirmed chocoholics from indulging in a chocolate overload cake full of fudges and truffles oozing with edible brown gold! Order this customized cake filled with chocolate ganache and enjoy your special day.

chocolate birthday cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting

Order home-baked chocolate cakes for special occasions

If you cannot wait to celebrate the milestone birthday of a dearly loved one and want to order an impressive chocolate cake online to mark the event, look no further than this delectable chocolate overload cake with a tempting medley of chocolate in its enticing avatars and a customized topper! Speckles of gold dust and dripping chocolate add to the dreamy appeal of the cake. You’re sure to be smitten in a bite!

Chocolate overload cake with assorted chocolates and gold spray

Buy a delicious chocolate cake personalized with all your favourite delicacies from Kukkr to make every celebration a memorable one!

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