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When almost every day in the calendar is distinguished as some special day, it is no surprise that the world’s most favourite dessert gets a dedicated day. 

So, suppose you are waiting for a reason to shrug off your work-week worries and have a relaxing time with friends and family this Friday evening. Then, consider yourself lucky – it is Cake Day on November 26, 2021, and there are decadent cakes of every size, flavour, filling, and topping for you to savour!

We have some unique choices for Cake Day 2021 from Kukkr home bakers. But before you buy cake online and melt into its mouth-watering scrumptiousness, it is a good idea to know a bit about the interesting origin of cakes.

Let’s start from scratch, shall we?

Naked chocolate cake for cake day 2021

History of cakes and their sweet rise to glory

The word cake is from ‘kaka,’ Nordic and Swedish for ‘sweet cake,’ but the earliest versions of cakes did not bear any semblance to the soft and spongy cakes of today. Instead, they looked more like compact discs of dried and pounded grains (think rice cakes), and there was no baking involved.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to start the baking technique, and they used honey to sweeten their bread-like cakes. Greeks and Romans followed suit with cheesecakes and fruit cakes, but it was only in the 17th century that yeast was used, and the baked cakes got a definitive round shape and different decorative icings.

By the 18th century, beaten eggs were favoured as rising agents, beaten thoroughly to incorporate air and poured into moulds. Subsequently, the Industrial Revolution paved the way for affordable baking powder and baking soda, thus popularizing cakes worldwide.

Gift Superhero cake, Snowflake Princess cupcake on Cake Day 2021

If your son or nephew, or neighbour is a little boy who idolizes superheroes, Cake Day 2021 is a great chance to delight them. Buy custom superhero cake online featuring Captain America and Thor’s hammer (or any of our range of superhero cake and make their day super sweet and memorable.

Superhero cake with Captain America and Thor’s hammer in fondant for birthday cake, cake day 2021

Delight your little princess daughter, dear niece, or neighbour with these dreamy Snowflake Princess cupcakes with a dainty snowflake atop the swirl of pearl-studded buttercream rose.

Snowflake Princess cupcakes for birthday cupcake, cake day 2021

Celebrate Cake Day with custom Netflix cakes or Round Floral Pinata cake

How about you celebrate Cake Day weekend watching a new release on Netflix and order custom Netflix cake online in Bangalore to complement the mood! Add the name and a customized message for your loved one.

online Netflix cake with popcorn tub on the top for cake day 2021, or a birthday cake for husband

Or, order Pinata cake online and have a smashing Cake Day Friday with your friends! The round floral Pinata cake with chocolate cake-shell comes with a hammer and has a choice of fillings – either assorted homemade chocolates or cake.

Round Pinata cake online with flowers and chocolates for cake day 2021, birthday cake

Celebrate Cake Day with Kukkr to empower women home bakers

Well, November 26 has always been celebrated as Cake Day, but this year the event brings greater joy because you don’t even have to lift a finger to enjoy your favourite dessert, except to click the ‘Order’ button! Kukkr delivers prettily-packaged cakes hygienically in temperature-controlled vehicles to your home, party hall, or any venue in the city. 

Butterfly cream cake for birthday, cake day

You can conveniently order cake online in Bangalore or the other cities where we deliver cakes to enjoy home-baked cakes and celebrate Cake Day with friends and family. Kukkr offers a next-day cake delivery option in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

And when you order cake online from Kukkr cakes by home bakers, you are not only celebrating Cake Day 2021 but also celebrating the empowerment of women home bakers

Are you planning to gift a cake to someone special this Cake Day 2021?

Tell us who the lucky one is in the comments below!

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