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Celebrate and Order Online these Sports Themed Cakes

With a variety of sports being played and viewed by more than million people in India, we have received many requests for customized cakes for avid sports players and followers. Have a look at the best customised cakes we have for all you sports enthusiasts. Order sports theme cakes online to celebrate their milestones, match wins, birthdays and other special occasions. 

Customised Cricket Cakes

Being the most followed sport in India, we have the best cricket themed cakes for you to offer. Celebrate the winning of the tournament or series with cakes customised for players of the team. We can also have cakes customized to celebrate the milestones like total runs completed, wickets taken, centuries, 5 wicket hauls and others.

Say the person you want to celebrate is not a player, but is a diehard fan of a team or player and follows cricket with dedicated passion, we have cakes to offer them as well. A cake that will have the cricket pitch, bat, balls, stumps on it for the total cricket lover in them.

Every person also has a favourite player, and if you want to surprise them with a cake having something about that player, we have got you covered. A cake with the fondant of their favourite player’s jersey or a memory of them. As cricket is a popular sport in India, we are the same in providing you with the Best Cricket Themed Cakes for players and fans alike. 


Cricket themed cake

Customised Football Cakes

With football being played and enjoyed all over the world, Football cakes were our ultimate choice of  sports cakes to customise. We have a variety of cakes to offer for all the football enthusiasts, ranging from the fondant cakes to Piñata cakes.

Celebrate the trophy win team or club you support along with your team of supporters by ordering cakes customised as per your favourite club. With many supporters clubs around the country, you will surely enjoy having a celebration of the team win at your next screening or event you organise.

For celebrating the birthdays of your friends who support the club or are fans of the player, we have cakes customised for them too. Celebrate with a Football Piñata Cake designed by our experienced home bakers with hidden surprises inside it. We also have football cupcakes for them to offer. Score the goal of celebrating their birthday or occasion with Football themed Cakes by Kukkr India

Football Piñata Cake


Customised Tennis Cakes

Game, Set, Match!!!

If your friend is into tennis, plays and follows it diligently, then we have Tennis Theme Cakes for you to choose from! Delicious Cakes with fondants for the nets, racquets and balls which provide the best attraction for the cake. Support them in their passion towards tennis with Tennis Cakes our home bakers have customised.

Tennis Theme Cake


Customised E - Sports Themed Cakes

E - sports is growing rapidly and so is the craze for it among the young and the old. Online Gaming is the most addictive form of sports and which can be played from the comfort of the homes. If you have a friend of yours who is a game freak, celebrate his birthday with these amazing cakes with customized cakes for popular games like PUBG and Call of Duty and others.


Cakes for Fitness Enthusiasts

Hitting the Gym or Cycling around the city is what your friends like to do, then we have cakes customised for them. Order Online Cyclist Themed Cakes for your friend or a BMX cake for that friend who likes to pull off stunts on his cycle. Baked with the best fondants for dumbbells and weights, we have delicious cakes and gym cupcakes for the fitness freaks with these gym cakes.

Other Customised Cakes

You like to sit back, relax and play some casual games regularly, then there are also some cakes with themes like ludo, candy crush and others that we have to offer for you.


Enjoy having a girls night with your girls and play some card games, then you can certainly try our customised card cakes for your next kitty party.

Order Cakes Online that are Sports Themed for celebrating milestones, birthdays and other occasions today.

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