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Buy Customized Theme Cakes Online for Loved Ones!

Your beloved's birthday is fast approaching, and you are still wondering how to order customised cakes online for the special day. You want to order a cake that is so unique it would delight him. Are you brimming with ideas but running out of time? Luckily for you, Kukkr's home bakers are waiting to unleash their creativity and bake your dream cake. You can order cakes online in Mumbai – not only the decadent birthday cakes and anniversary cakes but also buy customised cakes in Mumbai!

Have you noticed how you lose all track of time and transform into your creative best when pursuing something you are passionate about? Well, this is the story of all the home bakers in Kukkr's curated baking team. They are so committed to the art of fine baking they don't mind spending hours planning the theme cakes, birthday cakes, and anniversary cakes when clients order customised cakes online.

Order birthday cake online for dad

Dad is the hero of the family and a superman at that too! Order cakes online in Hyderabad (or any of the cities we deliver to) and enthral dad on his birthday. This customised cream cake embellished with a lovely black bow has toppers of dad's age, suit, stars, and glasses. A pretty spectacle, don't you think!

Customised birthday cake for dad with age and suit topper

Order customised theme cakes baked by home bakers

Theme cakes are trending, much to the delight of the creative lot that Kukkr's home bakers are! Is there a more affectionate way to express your love for your hubby dearest than to order a specially-crafted theme cake for him? If he is an avid sportsman, you have the cricket stadium cake, but you can bring the gym cake home if he enjoys pumping iron. There's also the workaholic cake for the husband who gets his work home! If he likes to relax with a drink, you could order this whiskey lover's birthday cake for your husband and keep him in good spirits on his special day.

customised birthday cake for husband, a friend with whiskey bottle and chocolates

Your dashing young knight with a golden heart deserves to celebrate his birthday with Kukkr's bestseller, the blue and gold drip birthday cake with a golden topper. Order this customised cake online with a personalised message for hubby.

Birthday cake for husband in blue with gold drip and Happy birthday topper

Order customised hookah birthday cake for friend

When there's gaiety in the air and celebration is the mood, bring in a whiff of delicate scent with this dainty hookah birthday cake for friend, brother, or husband. Order birthday cake online in Mumbai and enjoy the thrill of tasting this entirely edible and intricately assembled hookah cake with buttercream and fondant finish.

Blue hookah birthday cake for friend decorated with golden pearls

Chocolate theme cake for a chocolate-loving friend or brother

Remember those days you fought tooth and nail with your brother for that last piece of chocolate? Finally, here's the chance to make peace! Order birthday cake for brother in Mumbai (from wherever in the world you are) and get this chocolate overload cake delivered at his doorstep.

Making peace can't get sweeter than this!

customised chocolate birthday cake for friend with chocolate brownies


Ordering personalised birthday cakes for friends and your loved ones has become so easy and streamlined. So, visit Kukkr and browse through their range of cakes.

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