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Best Way to Celebrate The 1st Birthday of Your Child

It feels like yesterday when you first held your tiny bundle of delight and melted into those almond eyes, but a full year has already flown by! The first year of your little cherub has been fun, exciting, adventurous (let’s forget the anxious and nerve-racking parts for a bit), and you are all set to plan the best way to celebrate the 1st birthday of your child…feel the thrill?

The 1st birthday of your baby girl or baby boy is a momentous occasion and you have to start the preparation for the special day well in advance. There is a long list of things to do and events to plan. You have to decide about the date, time, venue, theme, the guests list, gifts, games, food, and most importantly, the birthday cake! 

How to choose the best 1st birthday cake

There was a time, not so long ago, when you had to hop across bakeries to finalise a design for your child’s 1st birthday cake. But not anymore! Kukkr offers you a variety of hand-crafted birthday cakes tastefully crafted by an expert network of creative home bakers.

When it comes to choosing a 1st birthday cake for your girl or your boy from Kukkr’s customized cakes, you are truly spoilt for choice. You can pick the theme your baby would enjoy and opt for the finish – fondant or buttercream - and place your birthday cake order online. And as the icing on the cake, your order is delivered to your home!

Kukkr is fast expanding and is available in many cities across India. You can order cake online Mumbai and have the cake sent to your doorstep. You can avail of Kukkr’s safe, no-contact delivery when you order cake online Hyderabad.

Animal Farm 1st Birthday Cake

1st birthday cake for baby girl

Although your baby girl doesn’t know her favourite colour or toy yet, you can make her 1st birthday cake as special as can be. Look out for the subtle hints she gives away before you decide and design that perfect birthday cake. Is she excited about the new Elsa doll you bought for her? Or perhaps the soft teddy she loves to hug. Disney characters are a perennial favourite among online birthday cakes. Just make sure the cake sparks her interest. You can choose to display her time of birth and birth weight on the cake when you order cake online Mumbai.

First Birthday Cake for Baby Girl

1st birthday cake for baby boy

It may sound cliché, but superheroes and baby boys do make an adorable team (and picture)! Take your pick from the galaxy of superheroes – Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man – and rest assured that your little hero will be thrilled. Match your baby boy’s clothes with the superhero’s outfit to add a punch (no pun intended!) to the perfect picture. If your boy loves his cars and trucks better than superheroes, you could order a customized 1st birthday cake with a car from Kukkr.

Spiderman cake birthday cake for 1st birthday

Princess cake for your baby girl

What better than a gorgeous Princess cake for the darling princess of your family! Choose your favorite from the bevy of pretty princess birthday cake – Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Snowflake, Belle, Rapunzel - and make your little girl’s day a regal celebration!

princess cake birthday cake for 1st birthday

Peppa pig cake

Peppa Pig cake is a huge favorite among toddlers who watch the show. Although your year-old baby may not watch the show or know the characters, the dash of colours in the Peppa Pig cake is sure to grab her/his attention and bring a smile on. Your little toddler-guests will be delighted with this rich creamy cake and the stumps of crunchy KitKat bars!

Peppa pig first birthday cake


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