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Baby Shower Cakes to Welcome the New Baby!

We go through many phases in life, but a woman's journey to motherhood is a cherished one. She undergoes so many changes, physical and emotional before she brings her bundle of joy into the world. She is perched on a giant rollercoaster of emotions – glides on waves of euphoria, winces in pain, waits eagerly for the next kick, croons lullaby all day, breaks into soliloquy quite often, and cries for every reason or no reason at all! This is a challenging time for the dad to be too.

'baby shower cake with pink and blue fondant booties and baby footprints

The tradition of hosting a baby shower party of a friend

The mom deserves all the attention, love, blessings, and pampering there can be to boost her spirits. A baby shower is when friends and family of the expectant parents spend time with them and 'shower' the couple and the baby with gifts and good wishes. That's why hosting a baby shower party and ordering baby shower cakes to welcome the new baby are traditionally followed by cultures worldwide, albeit in different names, for centuries. The baby shower party is thrown four to six weeks before the baby arrives.

If you want to host a grand baby shower party for your friend, you can plan to order cake online Mumbai from Kukkr and surprise her with a customized cake or order one from our delicious collection of mom-to-be cakes. You can choose your favorite cake and customize it by adding a loving personalized message on the cake board.

Cream baby shower cake with pink and blue floral cradle.'

How to choose themed baby shower cakes for her

You know your friend better than anybody else, so seize the opportunity to dazzle her and order cakes online Hyderabad! You can choose the apt theme for the event and plan the decorations, cake, food and snacks, games, and gifts accordingly. If the mom already knows whether the baby is a boy or a girl, it makes things easier for you to narrow down on the colours and themes.

If the mom-to-be is a second-time mom, a themed baby shower cake involving the older sibling will be a lovely idea that's sure to thrill them to bits! A colourful cake with tiny shoes, buttons, baby clothes, and a personalized mom-big sister-with-pram topper is guaranteed to steal the show and hearts!). Check out our baby shower cake collection here

buttercream baby shower cake for second time mom to be

More ideas for customized baby shower cakes to order online

There is no dearth of creative ideas for planning a personalized baby shower cake on Kukkr, and the talented home bakers are ready to craft any challenging design. The most common themes are balloons in bright colors, seasonal (Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall), animals, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, florals, and baby toys.

If you are privy to the baby-to-be's nursery plan, you can choose a theme related to the same idea. Or you could focus on the interests of the parents to be. For example, their favourite show, sport, music band, movie, or travel destination could inspire the themed cake. Other trending themes are – Harry Potter, DC Comics superheroes, butterfly, mermaid, unicorn, Prince or Princess, Twinkling stars, Teddy bear, Disneyland, adventure, or festival-based.

Shower the mom to be with all your love and treat her to a home-baked and lovingly crafted baby shower cake she will cherish a lifetime!

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