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A Football Cake to Celebrate the Cup Win of your Favourite Team

Football is not just a sport, it’s a religion for those who are obsessed with it. They are fanatical, not only about watching games or following prominent players, but to collect memorabilia and wear clothes branded with their favourite football team. What better birthday cake for such football fans than a football cake! Regardless of their age, football lovers cake will be a sure hit for their birthday celebration. Here’s a few customised cake options for Football lovers.

This Arsenal Cake, shaped like a football, is awesome to get them excited as soon as they look at it! This semi-sphere cake is made in 1 kg, full fondant finish and everything on this cake is edible, even the logo! The grass surrounding the cake is made with strokes of cream and makes it look even more realistic. This can be customised in any colour and as any football team cake.


Another popular choice is the FC Barcelona cake. Impress the football lover in your family and friends circle by getting them this awesome fondant covered FC Barcelona cake. The FCB logo is made in edible print so the everything is edible. The team shirt on top with the birthday boy/girl's name and age on it is sure to make them feel special on their birthday! 

When looking for a Manchester city cake or champions cake but unsure, go for football cupcakes. This allows you to mix and match football team logos, designs and can be customised as per your liking. These are bite-sized and easier to consume on the go! They also make a great gift for a football fanatical friend if you know that their cake has already been arranged, as these are cute add-ons for their celebration.

Football Cupcakes 

Beware- Make sure you know the birthday boy’s/girl’s favourite team; gift them a football cake with the wrong football team and they’ll never forgive you!

It’s football season and the UEFA champions league is on. For those stuck at home, watching the game from their couches, add a little excitement with this football piñata cake. This chocolate shell shaped like a football is especially popular with the younger fans. This comes with a smash hammer and is filled with chocolates and surprise messages for the birthday boy. This football cake can be customised to match their favourite team.

Regardless of which team you support, if you’re gifting a football cake to a football lover, you’re always on the winning team!

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