5 Trending Bachelorette Party Cakes from Kukkr!

Your best friend is getting married in a few weeks, and you are so excited for her! You wish you could spend some time with her before the wedding day but her days are packed with engagements…

What would you do then? Plan a surprise bachelorette party for the gang of close friends-of-the-bride and have rollicking fun all night, complete with a customised bachelorette cake for the coy bride to be. Though bridal showers give the bride a chance to meet and bond with women of the family, the event tends to be somber and formal. But bachelorette parties are much more relaxed and fun, and the bride can unwind and enjoy herself in the company of her best friends.

Here’s a list of the 5 trending customised cakes for bachelorette parties from Kukkr home bakers.

1. Girl Pinata Bachelorette Cake for bachelorette party

What’s more fun than breaking open an edible chocolate pinata sphere with a hammer?

Eating the chocolate ball to its last bit, and then devouring the chocolates that were stowed inside it, of course! This elegant pinata cake for bachelorette party has a chocolate globe decorated with pleasant lilac-coloured fondant gown worn by a pretty girl (non-edible) perched on top. If you plan to order this theme cake for your friend’s bridal shower, customize the fondant gown to be in her favourite colour. Order cake online, choose a filling – homemade chocolates or cakes – and add personal messages! No wonder this is out top-selling cake!

Girl pinata cake for bachelorette party filled with chocolates, comes with smash hammer


2. Customised Girl in gown bachelorette cake

This is our second most popular cakes ordered online for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. The elegant bride to be is seated atop the delectable creamy cake, her beautiful white gown draping the cake. There are delicate springs arranged on the side with pink and golden hearts, and the cake is served with pink and white frosted cakesicles.

3. Customised bachelorette cake with funny caption

A bachelorette party may possibly be the last time the bride to be will be able to give all her attention to her friends before she enters the next exciting phase of her life. So, make the most of this opportunity, and if you are in a naughty mood to make the bride to be blush crimson, here’s a customised bachelorette cake designed to pull her legs!

4. Summer Romance bachelorette cake

What’s a bachelorette party without a splash of colours and natural fragrance from seasonal flowers! Reminiscence good old stories from your school and college days with your life-long girlfriends with the romantic summer bridal shower or bachelorette cake with a Bride to be topper, creamy macaroons, and fresh roses (or seasonal flowers) aesthetically placed on the top. This cake sets the mood for a night of jolly banter, fun, and games – just like good old times!

Summer romance bachelorette cake with buttercream finish, macaroons, and fresh flowers

5. Girl Silhouette Cake for bachelorette party

Is the bride to be stylish and glamorous? Does she love to flaunt her designer wear and wow people? If yes, show how dear a friend she is by ordering a customised theme cake for Her on the day of the bachelorette party. The velvety soft bachelorette cake has the silhouette of a girl sitting atop the buttercream cake, wearing a majestic gown of exquisite cream roses. The cake can be used for bridal shower too.

Bachelorette cake for bride to be with sitting girl silhouette and gown of pink roses

Now that you’ve seen the 5 trending bachelorette party cakes on Kukkr, you can check our other delicious cakes for Bride to be here and order your customised cakes online!

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