5 Tips to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Cake or Anniversary Cake!

A delicious cake is essential for all celebrations across the world. However, when the event is as significant as your wedding or wedding anniversary, the cake assumes a more critical role – it tacitly reflects your personality! A customised wedding cake is not just a piece of tasty dessert anymore but a precious memory that will linger forever in your thoughts. With its aesthetic appeal, unique aroma, and its exclusive flavor, the cake will evoke fond recollections of those magical moments of tender love for a lifetime. 

Two-tiered pink anniversary cake with a cream finish and edible pearl décor


Many couples assume that choosing their wedding cake would be a cakewalk but realize the challenges only after the daunting experience leaves a bad taste in their mouth! So, Kukkr’s expert home bakers have listed 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding cake or marriage anniversary cake. Follow these guidelines when your order online cake delivery in Bangalore or order cake online from any of the cities to which we deliver cakes.

Plan the wedding cake many months ahead

You may want to order a customised wedding cake for your wedding reception or a glorious wedding anniversary cake to dazzle your loving spouse, but bespoke cakes do not appear out of thin air! You have to plan well in advance. Ideally, you should decide all the fine details about the cake – date of delivery, the baker, flavour, shape, and pattern – as soon as you choose the venue of your wedding. Summer cakes and winter cakes are vastly different and need meticulous preparation.


Romantic wedding anniversary cake with white fondant finish and fresh flowers


Choose the best baker to order cakes online

Online shopping is a boon for many of us in the hustle and bustle of work and daily chores. So, instead of running pillar to post looking for the best baker in town, you can visit Kukkr, an exclusive site to order customized wedding cakes online. Kukkr has a team of seasoned bakers who are creative wizards! They can transform a hazy idea into a gorgeous cake on which you can feast your eyes (and sweet tooth)! So, have a detailed discussion with the baker about your preferences.

Design a wedding cake that complements your wedding theme

The bride and the groom decide the wedding theme based on a colour shade, a season, a favorite destination, or a traditional pattern. So, you can order a multi-tiered wedding cake in snow white with a satin-smooth creamy finish or a splendid winter cake in the colours of your wedding dress drizzled with snowflake patterns using dollops of fluffy fresh cream.

The cake does look straight out of a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

Buttercream anniversary cake with topper and pastel-colored roses

Decide the size of your customised wedding anniversary cake

Whether the cake is for your wedding or a milestone anniversary, make an exhaustive guest list and be thorough about it, because the cake’s size will depend on the number of invitees. It would be best to decide when to serve the slices and how big the portions should be. Will, the guests, be served the cake as soon as they arrive, or will it be placed as one of the desserts? You can read more about how to choose the best design for your wedding cake here


Customised wedding anniversary cupcakes’


Set the budget before you order a personalized wedding cake

Last but not least, set a realistic budget for the cake. Though the cake will be the center of attraction for the evening and the memory of a lifetime, you cannot let it burn a hole in your pocket. Talk to different bakers and compare the price they quote for a cake of your specifications. `

If you follow these 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding cake or wedding anniversary cake, we assure you that the entire experience will be a piece of cake!

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