5 Reasons to Order Custom Cake Online

Cakes are the main attraction of all parties and formal or informal meetings. It is an unwritten rule to either start the celebration with a cake or end the day with a dessert table laden with cakes!

From the days when cakes made a rare appearance on special events to becoming an almost daily-indulgence (with online cake delivery), cakes have come a long way.

With cake shops vying for our attention, let’s look at the top 5 reasons to order custom cake online for special occasions throughout the year.

1.   Special custom cake for special people 

There is an inexplicable joy and excitement that goes hand in hand with planning a surprise customised cake for a loved one and this feeling can be surpassed only by the pure joy (or tears of joy!) of the recipient.

The message you convey is simple, yet poignant – You are special, so you deserve a special cake. Everything about customised birthday cakes speaks of the efforts you take to bring that smile that lights up your loved one’s face!

Just look at this Minion cake oozing with cuteness!

Cute Custom birthday cake is a Minion cake with yellow fondant

2.    Customised cakes match the party theme

If you are planning a grand theme party, buying outfits to match, deciding on a dress code for the guests, buying cutlery and décor to go with the theme, how can you be happy with a traditional cake (read ‘usual round or square cake’) from your neighbourhood store!

Order personalised cakes online that are creative and add colour and excitement to the party, and thrill your little girl or boy. Their look of amazement is worth all the effort.

This is a lovely Princess Belle cake for your little princess. You have a choice of princesses to include on the cake!

Custom Princess cake for daughter with pink ruffle two-tier cake and Princess Belle in yellow dress and fondant rose

3.    Custom cakes online create cherished memories

When the wife buys a custom birthday cake for husband, he is sure to remember it for life, and will surly  be inspired to gift a <custom birthday cake for wife> on her special day! This cake is too realistic for words and has to be tasted to be believed!

Creative ‘Workaholic birthday cake for husband’ is a popular one among customised cakes delivered in Hyderabad. The cake is also available in our other locations.

Custom birthday cake, Workaholic birthday cake for husband with husband on bed surrounded by fondant laptop and other gadgets

4.    Add personality and personal touch to the celebration

We have to admit this – personalised cakes add personality to the event.

Whether it is a birthday cake 0r Christmas cake or a New Year cake, the subtle creative touches and loving personalised messages will make the cake stand out.

Look at this custom cake for a second time mom-to-be taking a stroll with her first-born girl. Such cakes will be remembered for life and cannot be bought off a bakery shelf. Ever! 

Customised baby shower cake for mom-to-be with her older daughter pushing the baby’s pram. Fondant finish with pink shoe on top

5.    Custom cakes are healthier

This is probably the best thing about custom cakes delivered online from Kukkr.

Your cake can be as healthy as you want it to be. You can talk to the home baker and specify your choices, unlike in market-bought cakes where you have no say about the ingredients used.

(If you aren’t aware of this already, mass-baked cakes often use palm oil and other preservatives to improve shelf-life of the cake. Kukkr’s home bakers deliver fresh cakes made hygienically with the finest ingredients).


Have you tried buying a custom cake yet? Browse through our Collection of Cakes and have the cake delivered to your doorstep.

Now, that’s another reason to order custom cakes from Kukkr!

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