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5 Best Anniversary Cakes and Engagement Cakes

A wedding anniversary is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Anniversary Cakes, but there are so many more anniversaries! Any event from the past that triggers a fond memory and brings a smile deserves to be celebrated, and what’s a celebration without a grand Anniversary Cake?

If you want to order an engagement cake or order cake online in Bangalore, you don’t have to look further than Kukkr. The expert team of home bakers in Kukkr’s curated list has an array of breathtakingly beautiful and delicious Anniversary Cakes, and Engagement Cakes lined up for you to pick from.

Here are 5 types of Anniversary Cakes and a collection of enticing Engagement Cakes to order online and mark your special day!

1. Marriage Anniversary Cake

Delight your partner with this deliciously dreamy and creamy wedding anniversary cake sprinkled with edible gold beads all over and topped with a bunch of stunning fresh flowers.

Marriage anniversary cake with cream frosting and fresh flowers, studded with edible gold beads


2. Friendship Anniversary Cake

Having a forever friend is one of the most precious gifts in life. Whether they are your friends from your kindergarten days or the friends, you made at work or even online, every friendship is special and unique in its way. When words cannot express how much a friend means to you, order a Friend Anniversary cake online in Bangalore or <any city in which we deliver. >It will be a sweet surprise for sure! You can order customised cakes online at Kukkr and add a personal note to your friend too.

Friendship anniversary cake, gold marble birthday cake with fondant topper

 3. Love Anniversary Cake

Remember the day you fell in love? Perhaps it was ‘Love at first sight,’ or maybe it was a casual friendship that blossomed into love over the years. It doesn’t matter how or where the realization dawned, but the moment you realized true love remains etched in your memory for life! Order a Love Anniversary cake online in Bangalore to celebrate the cherished moment with your beloved.

 Love anniversary cake in gold and graphite colour with fondant finish, edible printed initials, and leaves of gold

4. Milestone Anniversary Cakes

Milestones are special regardless of the number of years that have passed!  Whether it is 50 years of wedded bliss or a year of pursuing a hobby, you can reminiscence those much-loved moments with a delectable cake. Celebrate milestone anniversaries in style with gorgeous cream cakes and tempting theme cakes from Kukkr’s collection of milestone anniversary cakes

Silver anniversary cake or 25th-anniversary cake is a two-tier cream cake in white and silver colours with flowers

5. Engagement Cakes and Engagement Anniversary Cakes

The thrill of getting betrothed to the love of your life is a special memory in life, and rejoicing the day with an enchanting two-tiered Engagement Cake embellished with ornate golden leaves and fresh flowers will make it sweeter!  

Engagement cake, a two-tier cream cake in red, pink and white with fresh flowers

If you are in the mood to enthrall your guests with something that will be evergreen in their memory and yours, order this Engagement Cake. With a green fondant finish, hand-made green roses, strings of edible gold-and-white beads cascading down the sides of the cake, and a beautiful silhouette couple topper, this engagement anniversary cake is sure to be a show-stealer!

Engagement anniversary cake in a green colour cream finish, green fondant roses, edible gold-white beads, and couple silhouette topper

Make your anniversary and engagement parties the talk-of-the-town with online cake delivery from the creative collection of Anniversary Cakes crafted by Kukkr home bakers! 

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